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What is Mojoflower

Mojoflower helps business owners manage their shareholder lists, equity plans, and stakeholder communications.

Create shares for your company

Issue your first shares with ease using our intuitive dashboard.

Allocate shares to your shareholders

The process is easy, and your shareholders don’t even have to have an account.

Access a library of Smart Contracts

Wrap your shares in Ready-to-Go smart contracts for quick, secure, and easy execution.

Grow your business organically

Attract new stakeholders, automate compliance and get access to liquidity. It has never been so simple.

Mobile application

Easily claim and manage your shares from your mobile phone

Claim your shares
Manage your portfolio
Engage with shareholders
Why use Mojoflower

More versatile, more secure at a lower cost


Transactions are secure, and records are immutable. Multiple parties can enjoy a single source truth and transact with peace of mind.


Whether you are a small business or a larger corporation, you can enjoy the benefits of our products and smart contract marketplace. Simple and easy.

Battle Tested

The Stellar Blockchain is battle-tested and has been developing for almost a decade, improving and optimising. It is low cost, fast and green.

No Lock-ins

Shares are tokenized and free to withdraw to any compatible service. Use multiple service providers in parallel. That’s the power of blockchain.

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